M.S. in Physics: Professional in Photovoltaics

Began Fall 2010; Program Director: Prof. Sanjay V. Khare

(Contact: http://astro1.panet.utoledo.edu/~khare/)

I. Objectives

The primary objective of this program is to offer a Master of Science (MS) program in Physics with a concentration described as Professional in Photovoltaics (PV) (MS-PP) as a terminal degree with immediate employment prospects in industry. The MS-PP degree is a “job ready” degree.

For details go to: http://astro1.panet.utoledo.edu/~khare/ms-pp/index.html .

II. Targeted Students: The MS-PP program will be targeted to students completing a B.S. in Physics, Materials Science or related Engineering disciplines such as Electrical, Chemical, or Mechanical.


A table showing the complete flow through of the program is shown below.

Table I. Scheduling of classes for the MS-PP program. Number of credits shown as (x) for each course. Total of 37 credit hours to be completed in 24 months.



Standard Courses (Credits)


First Year, Fall

Quantum Mechanics I -  PHY 6320 (3)

Semiconductors I -  PHY 6630 (3)

Technology Commercialization – EFSB 6690 OR New Venture Creation – EFSB 6590 (3)

Physics Journal Seminar – PHY 6020 (1)


First Year, Spring

Classical Electrodynamics I – PHY 6250 (3)

Fundamental of Solar Cells -  PHY 6980 (3)

Supply Chain Management – BUAD 6600 (3)

Physics Journal Seminar – PHY 6020 (1)


First Year, Summer


PV research at UT – PHYS 6960 (2)

Second Year, Fall

Photovoltaic Materials and Device  Physics Laboratory – PHY 6280 (3)

System Analysis and Design – INFS 6560 (3)

Independent Study  – PHYS 6990 (3)

Second Year,

Spring and Summer


Internship Program at Company – PHYS 6940 (6 total)


Application Process: Applicants may submit applications following procedures outlined at: http://www.utoledo.edu/as/physast/forms.html .