These are directions from Detroit, to the department and to the Clarion Hotel.


Department Postal address:

Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Toledo, 2801 West Bancroft Street, Toledo, OH 43606.


Note: You can send your reimbursement form addressed to Sue Hickey at this address. This address does not correspond to the physical location of MH which can only be found by the symbol MH on the University of Toledo campus map at: MH = McMaster Hall.

My phone is 419-530-2292. Department office phones are X5165, X5162, X4623. All Xs above to be replaced with 419-530- when calling from outside campus.


Hotel: Clarion Hotel Westgate, 3536 Secor Road, Toledo, OH, 43606.

Phone: (419) 535-7070.



Directions to the department from Detroit:

(1) Follow south bound I-75. Take the Toledo beltway I-475 heading west.

(3) Take exit 17 for Secor Road south bound.

(4) After about 1.4 miles you will come to a light which is a 5 way intersection and has a left only lane. Stay in that lane.

(5) Take the left at this light to be on Bancroft Street heading east.

(6) At the third light take a right onto University Hills Road. The sign may also say University of Toledo.

(7) At the first possibility take a right into the parking lot 1N. Go straight to the parking gate and take ticket and park inside paid parking area.

McMaster Hall is the building adjacent to the parking lot.

(8) Enter in from the entrance next to the solar panel. You will be right next to the elevator on floor 1. Take the elevator to the second floor.

(9) Turn right after you exit and find room 2017 at the end of the hall. Ask for Willie Brown on Sue Hickey to validate your ticket for the parking lot. Get a reimbursement form to fill out once you return.

(8) Take the elevator to the 5th floor and turn right and find room 5010.


Directions to the Clarion from Detroit:

(1) Near Toledo you will headed east on I-80.

(2) Take exit 64 to I-75 northbound.

(3) Take I-475 the Toledo beltway heading west.

(4) Take exit 17 for Secor Road south bound.

(5) The Clarion should be on your left immediately after the exit.

(6) If you go even 0.5 miles on Secor you have missed it. Turn around.


Directions to the Clarion from the department:

(1) Exiting from the parking lot take a left on University Hills Road.

(2) Take a left on Bancroft Street to head west.

(3) Take a right at the second light onto Secor Road heading north.

(4) After about 1.4 miles you will see the hotel on your right.