Notes on SPIN-UP Conference June 2010: Making and sustaining changes in undergraduate Physics programs at research universities

The main purpose of the conference was to discuss methods used to enhance undergraduate physics education including teaching and undergraduate research, as well as ways to increase representation from under-represented groups. The Conference was attended by faculty from Chicago, Cornell, Colorado, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, MIT, Penn State, Princeton, Purdue, Rutgers, Stanford, UT, UVA, and Yale.

Spin-Up Report


As discussed in the report there were 6 main topics:

1. Use of active and interactive learning techniques in introductory physics

2. Introduction of flexible physics major

3. Increased engagement of students in undergraduate research

4. Modifications to introductory and advanced laboratories

5. Building a sense of community among undergraduate Physics majors

6. Committing the Department to support pedagogy and/or Physics education research

Links to interactive and tutorial physics

University of Illinois pre-lectures

Physics Education Research (PER) website at University of Illinois

Links to other PER websites (maintained by University of Illinois) VERY USEFUL

Penn State Physics Department Undergraduate Information (for Spin-up)

U. of Colorado Physics Education Simulations

Physics Today (Sept. 2003)