Jacques G. Amar
(Condensed Matter Physics/Materials Science)

Professor of Physics
Ph.D., 1985, Temple University

Dr. Amar's research interests involve the theoretical study of equilibrium and non-equilibrium surface physics and materials science. Of particular current interest is the study of a variety of technologically important processes for thin-film growth such as vapor deposition, sputtering, laser ablation, etching, and molecular beam epitaxy. These processes are classic examples of far-from-equilibrium phenomena which are not well understood but which are of increasing importance in materials science and solid-state physics. The primary goal is a fundamental understanding of the dependence of properties such as film quality and surface morphology on key experimental and materials parameters. Theoretical techniques used involve kinetic Monte Carlo methods, the analytical and numerical solution of nonlinear partial differential and continuum equations as well as scaling and renormalisation group ideas borrowed from statistical physics. Since a quantitative as well as qualitative understanding is desired, close collaboration is also maintained with experimental research groups.

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