PHYS 2130 Spring 2005
Physics for Science and Engineering Majors I
Dr. Xunming Deng
530-4782  MH5002

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The overall grades for the semester is posted here.


It was calculated using:

Combined score = (Midterm-top3/300)*36 + (Final/100)*30 + (Lab/30)*10 + HW + (MQ/38)*10


Miniquizzes: There were a total of 19 miniquizzes. Correct answer gets 2 points. Wrong answer gets 1 point. All miniquizzes carry a weight of 10%.

Homework: = (your total subtracting lowest + 121)/(13 x 50 + 121) x 14, where 121 is due to the multiple choices negative points re-adjustment. I added 121 to everyone’s HW score and added also 121 on the base, so that anyone who got negative points on the multiple choice homework problem would not be penalized.


Lab: Lab grades are on the scale of 30. I divided by 3 to scale it down to the scale of 10.


Midterms: I droped the lowest midterm and added the remaining midterm scores.


Final exam answer for 10am sections (May 2 exam)

Final exam answer for 11am sections (May 5 exam)



The midterm 4 grades is posted here.



The midterm grades for Midterm 1, 2 and 3 are posted here.


The miniquiz grades for some of the miniquizzes are posted here.




Lecture notes up to Ch. 18 have been posted.


I will be out of town for a conference during the week of April 11-15. Here is a revised schedule:

April 4 M                     Ch. 16 

            April 5 T                      Ch.16   in DC1019 

            April 6 W                     Ch. 16, 17

            April 8 F                      Ch. 17


            April 11 M                   Review of Ch.14-17, by TA

            April 12 T                    Midterm 4 (Ch.14--Ch.17)

            April 13 W                   Midterm 4 solutions, by TA

            April 15 F                    Examples/Problems, by TA


            April 18 M                   Ch. 18

            April 19 T                    Ch. 18 in DC1019

            April 20 W                   Ch. 18

            April 22 F                    Ch. 19


            April 25 M                   Ch. 19  

            April 26 T                    Ch. 19, 20 in DC 1019

            April 27 W                   Ch. 20

            April 29 F                    Ch. 20 + Review



The scores for Midterm3 is posted here.



The scores for Midterm1, Midterm2, Miniquizzes, and Homework, can be found here. This is updated on 2/26/05. Midterm 2 will be returned on Tuesday.



The total combined score of Midterm 1 is posted here.



The multiple-choice part of the Midterm 1 score is posted here.



All of the exams will be closed book and closed notes. However, you could use two one-sided summary sheets. Also, calculators are allowed.


There is a Physics Help Workshop that is available to provide help. It is in MH2026. The times are:

Monday: 10am-4pm;

Tuesday: 9am-2pm;

Wednesday: 10am-4pm;

Thursday: 9am-2pm.


Also, here are the office hours of TAs and the Instructor:

X. Deng, MWF 1-2

Jun Kang, T 10-12

Feng Shi, F 2-4

Jason Stoke T 4-5 and W 3-4.

The office and phone numbers can be found at: Recitation Instructors and their office hours.



I have asked Jason Stoke as the Texas Homework Czar. If you run into any problems in the Texas Homework service (such as forgetting your login EID etc), please contact Jason at:

Ph: (419) 530-5168; Office: MH1006; Email:


The Exam Czar is Jun Kang. If you have question with regards to special request about exams, please contact Jun at:

Ph: (419) 530-4729; Office: MH2024; Email:


The record keeping czar is Feng Shi. If you find that your grades in the returned exam is not consistent with the grades posted on this web page (with your secret ID), you could contact Feng at:

Ph: (419) 530-2533; Office: MH2014; Email:


For contact information for all TAs, see Recitation Instructors and their office hours.


Short versions of Lecture notes for Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are posted. See Lecture notes .



1. Homework 1 has been uploaded. Please click the homework link and follow directions to download your workwork.

2. Lecture notes (short version) for Chapter 2 is posted.

3. Name and contact information of Recitation Instructors have been posted