Physics 6330/7330


D. G. Ellis, Spring Semester 2011


 Office: MH4027A

Phone: 419 530 4634


Office Hours:  MWF 10:00-12:00


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Part I: Symmetry

1. Translational Invariance and Momentum Conservation
2. Rotational Invariance and Angular Momentum Conservation
3. The Lie Algebra of O(3)
4. Combining Angular Momenta
5. Rotation Matrices
6. The Density Matrix
7. Density Matrix Examples
8. Position Probability Density
9. Tensor Operators and the Wigner-Eckart Theorem

Part II: Identical Particles and Atoms

10. Identical Particles
11. Electrons in Atoms
12. Energy Levels of Helium
13. Fine Structure and the Spin-Orbit Interaction

Part III: Approximation Methods

14. Variational Method for Ground States
15. The Variational Method: Theory
16. A Variational Calculation for Helium
17. The WKB Method
18. WKB Applications

Part IV: Electromagnetic Interactions

19. Electrodynamics
20. Semiclassical Radiation Theory
21. Dipole Transitions
22. Photoionization

Part V: Scattering Theory

24. Introduction to Scattering
25. Green's Function for Scattering
26. The Born Approximation
27. Partial Waves
28. Inelastic Scattering and Unitarity
29. Calculating Phase Shifts
30. Example
Case Study: Quantum Beats


Big-O notation
Deck and Walker: Spin and Statistics
Curtis and Ellis: EBK Quantization
Time-dependent perturbation theory: Fermi's Golden rule #2
The Einstein A & B Coefficients
Effective Range Theory