PHYSICS 6320/7320

Quantum Mechanics I

Fall 2007




Instructor: D. G. Ellis

Office: MH 4002;  hours MWF 10-12;  phone 4634

Class Time: MWF 2-2:50, MH 4012

Textbook: Quantum Mechanics by N. Zettili (Wiley, 2001)


This is the first half of the standard graduate course in quantum mechanics.  It assumes that you have been introduced to quantum mechanics at the undergraduate level.  This course emphasizes the fundamental non-relativistic theory, with applications designed to illuminate the concepts.  In addition we will present a purely conceptual introduction to the ideas of quantum field theory.  We will concentrate on chapters 2-6 and chapter 9 in the textbook.  There will also be some introductory material from chapters 7 and 10, with the more advanced applications saved for the second semester.

Homework problems will be assigned, with one set due every week or two.  Late homework will not be accepted.  There will be one in-class midterm examination, and a take-home final exam.  The course grade will be based on all the above, plus classroom participation.


Rough Outline


1.  Basic principles.  Chapters 2-3.  (2 weeks)

2.  Stationary states; one-dimensional examples.  Chapters 3-4.  (3 weeks)

3.  Transitions between states.  Chapter 10, sections 3,4.  (2 weeks)

Midterm Exam.  Week of 11 October.

4.  Angular momentum.  Chapters 5,7.  (2 weeks)

5.  Three-dimensional problems.  Chapter 6.  (2 weeks)

6.  Perturbation theory.  Chapters 9,10.  (3 weeks)


Homework for first week


Read Chapters 2 and 3 of the textbook.

Begin Homework Set #1.