Physics 6140 / 7140

Fundamentals of Modern Physics

Fall 2009

D. G. Ellis


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Part I: Fundamentals

Particles and Waves
Schrödinger Equation in One Dimension
Principle of Superposition

Part II: Quantum Mechanics
Formal Quantum Mechanics
Appendix: Linear Algebra
The Harmonic Oscillator
Angular Momentum

Part III: Atoms
Schrödinger equation for a central force
Electrons in Atoms


Part IV: Thermal Physics
Boltzmann Statistics
Quantum Statistics
Thermal Radiation
Thermal Physics

Part V: Quantum Transitions
Photon-Atom Interactions
Perturbation Theory
Applications of the Golden Rule

Part VI: Molecules and Solids
Quantum Ideas for Molecules
Introduction to Molecular Structure and Spectra
More about Molecular Spectra
Electrons in Solids
Topics in Solid State Physics

Part VII: Nuclei and Particles
Topics in Nuclear Physics
Topics in Nuclear Physics (continued)
Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics
Quarks and Leptons

NIST Table of Isotopes
Some isotope masses and decay modes
Link to Berkeley elementary particle site