HR1040 and vdb15HR1040 and nebula vdb15 -Credit:

Statistical Astronomy Research at the University of Toledo

I am a PhD student at the University of Toledo, where my reseach focuses on Time Series Analysis and Population Studies. My thesis research centers on a time series analysis of the A0 supergiant HR1040 (shown in the photo above).

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Title: Medieval Astronomy
Posted by: mafaith

We are planning to make some lunar timepieces to take to the war this year to give to our “good cousins.” They are a medieval de0vice which uses the position of the stars to tell what time it is (more or less.) Steve is really interested in medieval timepieces and in astronomy so this is a natural. I am going to help design the devices to represent the baronial devices of all of the baronies in Michigan.
(Moderator's coment: the "War" refered to in this is a large historical re-enactment event known as the "Pennsic War" - see

Title: Welcome!
Posted by: dcorliss

When you post, you don’t have to say who you are if you don’t want to but please at least mention your connection with astronomy - just for reference for others, since you’re likely to see all kinds here: students, graduate students, researchers, amateurs, friends who decided to stop by - what ever!
If you like what you see and read, tell your friends - if you don’t like, tell me!