NASC-1100-001   Our Physical World        Dr. Anatoly Miroshnichenko       

Course materials for the Fall 2004 class

Lecture 1:   Introduction to the Course. The Scientific Method.

Lecture 2:   The Solar system. The Universal Gravity.

Lecture 3:   Motion. Acceleration of Gravity.

Lecture 4.   Force and Motion. Gravitation.

Lecture 5.   Work and Energy.

Lecture 6.   Momentum, Relativity, Energy and Civilization.

Lecture 7.   Temperature and Heat. Buoyancy.

Lecture 8.   The Gas Laws. Kinetic Theory of Matter.

Lecture 9.   Electricity.

Lecture 10.  Magnetism.

Lecture 11.  Wave Motion. Sound Waves.

Lecture 12.  Electromagnetic Waves.

Lecture 13. Atom and Nucleus. Radioactivity. Nuclear Energy.

Lecture 14. Fission and Fusion. Elementary Particles.

Lecture 15. Quantum Theory of Light. Matter Waves.

Lecture 16. The Hydrogen Atom. Quantum Theory of Atom.

Lecture 17. Elements and Compounds. The Periodic Law.

Lecture 18. Atomic Structure. Chemical Bonds.

Lecture 19. Solids. Solutions.

Lecture 20. Dissociation. Water. Acids and Bases.

Lecture 21. Combustion. Chemical energy.

Lecture 22. Fuels. Reaction Rates. Electrolysis.

Lecture 23. Carbon Compounds. Organic Molecules.

Lecture 24. Polymers. Chemistry of Life. (includes a brief study guide for test 2).

Lecture 25. Atmosphere. Clouds.

Lecture 26. Winds. Climate. Hydrosphere.

Lecture 27. Rocks.

Lecture 28. Earth's Interior. Erosion.

Lecture 29. Volcanoes.

Lecture 30. Tectonics.

Lecture 31. Historical Geology.

Lecture 32. Earth History.

Lecture 33. The Solar System. The Inner Planets.

Lecture 34. The Outer Planets. The Moon.

Lecture 35. The Small Objects. The Sun.

Lecture 36. The Sun (continued). Tools of Astronomy.

Lecture 37. Telescopes (continued). Properties of Stars.

Lecture 38. Basic Properties of Stars (continued). Stellar Lives.

Lecture 39. Stellar Lives (continued). Galaxies.

Lecture 40. Galaxies (continued). Evolution of the Universe.

Lecture 41. Evolution of the Universe (continued). Extrasolar Planets.

Lecture 42. The Course Overview.

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