NASC-1010-001          Our Physical World                      Dr. Anatoly Miroshnichenko        

                               Extra credit web projects

You may get extra credit (up to 10% of the final grade) by completing a web project on a subject related to the course.

A web project is an essay (better illustrated) prepared in MS Word (the best!) or any other type of editor in a volume of not less than 2 pages. The projects can be submitted at any time via email ( until December 2nd.

 Ideas for the Projects

  1. Biography of any scientist mentioned in the course book

  2. High-energy radiation (UV, X-ray, g-ray)

  3. Noble Gases (properties, use, where to find)

  4. Plate Tectonics (the concept, its history, modern view)

  5. The Fate of the Sun

  6. First years of the Universe

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Last updated: 2004 September 20