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There will be 2 mid-term exams and a final exam.  The mid-term exams will be closed-book, in-class exams, consisting primarily of multiple choice questions.  You must record your answers on the provided "mark sense" forms for computer grading, so bring a #2 pencil to class on exam days.  Sample quizzes are assigned as homework and are available at the course book web site.  Each mid-term exam counts 25% of your final grade.  You are responsible for, and will be tested on, any material that is covered in class.  This may include some material that is not in the textbook.  The approximate mid-term exam dates can be found in the course syllabus (click here).

Extra-credit on mid-term exams. After taking a mid-term exam, you may obtain extra credit by correcting mistakes you made on up to five (5) of the exam questions.

The procedure is as follows.  After your grade is posted you may submit corrections.  Each correction must include:

1. the question number and the question itself,

2. the letter for the answer you gave,

3. a sentence explaining why your answer was wrong (unless it is "I didn't know and guessed"),

4. the letter for the correct answer,

5. which answer is the correct answer, and why that answer is the correct answer

(i.e., For question 5 "The unit of power is", I answered A "the coulomb", because   However, the correct answer is B "the watt", because ).

Send your corrections within a week after the posting grade date (see the Announcements page) via email (

 Hint: you may wish to circle the answers on your exam sheet so that you have a record of your answers.

The final exam will be cumulative, with about half of the exam on material covered after the last in-class exam and about half on material from throughout the semester. No extra-credit on the final exam is available. It will be closed-book, about twice as long as a mid-term exam, and will count 40% of your grade.  It will take place at the scheduled time: Thursday, December 16, 2004, 12:30 - 2:30 a.m., MH 2002 

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