Welcome to the Home Page for Physics 4580 and Physics 6180 – Spring 2004!


This is the home page for Molecular and Solid State Physics Lab and also doubles as the home page for the Graduate Physics Lab.

 Prof. Alvin D. Compaan is the course instructor/lecturer.


My office is MH 3007; office phone is 419-530-4787;

and my e-mail is: compaan@physics.utoledo.edu


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Tips on writing lab reports.


Here is a discussion on how differential calculus is used to determine how errors propagate into the final measurement.


For Experiment A1, students in PH4580 and PH6180 (6990-109) obtained excellent Raman spectra for the following linear molecules:         O2






You may access the Excel spreadsheets by clicking on the molecular formula.


For your reports, I am supplying you with a discussion of the internuclear spacings (for everyone) and (mostly intended for the graduate students) of vibrational frequencies and rotational levels for non-rigid rotators.  This includes some scanned pages from Herzberg’s classic book, Spectra of Diatomic Molecules.  [Nota Bene: On 2/13//02 I corrected two mistakes in the internuclear spacing discussion.  I had a typo (+ sign instead of – sign) in the expression for rv relative to re.  And I misread the tables from Herzberg for O2.  I read the line for O2+ (the molecular ion) instead.  The values for O2 are now correct.]


Appendix XVI on operation of the Spectra Physics model 470 scanning Fabry Perot.