Welcome to the Home Page for Physics 2080 Spring 2002!


This is the home page for General Physics II (non-calculus based physics).

Prof. Alvin D. Compaan is the course instructor/lecturer.

The recitation instructors are:

9 a.m. Greg Hodges [MH 1016, PH 530-4783; ghodges@physics.utoledo.edu]

11 a.m. Dr. Liwei Xu [MH 5015, PH 530-2654; lxu@physics.utoledo.edu]

12 p.m. Greg Hodges [MH 1016, PH 530-4783; ghodges@physics.utoledo.edu]


My office is MH 3007; office phone is 419-530-4787;

and my e-mail is: compaan@physics.utoledo.edu


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Syllabus Texas homework instructions


Midterm 1 and 2 grades as recorded.


Midterm 2 keys



Two review pages for final examFinal-review.htm. (One double-sided sheet of these notes with your annotations will be the only notes permitted in the final exam. Available at the review session on Friday morning, 5/3/02, at 9 a.m. or by stopping by my office.)[Correction! The students at the Friday morning review convinced me to allow both the (annotated) equation sheet and a separate double-sided page of your own notes!]


Class notes:

Chap 15

Chap 16

Chap 17

Chap 18

Chap 19a

Chap 19b

Chap 20

Chap 21

Chap 22

Chap 23

Chap 24

Chap 27

Chap 28

Chap 29 & 30


my photos of a recent Aurora Borealis in Toledo, OH

voltmeters and ammeters and galvanometers

Click on motor to see basic sketches of how a dc motor and a galvanometer work.

Review of Chapters 15-19